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Leicht Classic Kitchen

As the perfect continuation of the kitchen area, the living space merges both optical and functionally into this atmosphere-re. The architectural element featuring open and closed shelf and unit sections is a skillful way of dividing the room: it creates visible axes of vision into both areas without taking away any of the intimacy and thus makes for communicative connections within the room. Its counterpart opposite is an individually plannable shelving system which showcases accessories in an elegant setting and picks up the high-grade wooden materials integrated in the kitchen. Within the kitchen and living area, the interplay of black and white with light lacquered surfaces and the dark oak of the LEICHT range TOPOS in combination with visible rough concrete highlights a timelessly luxurious contrast as well as an architecturally clean look.

Leicht Steel Kitchen

Leicht kitchen steel surfaces are fascinating: in architecture and urban planning they have a puristic, authentic air. When refined for use indoors, the original quality – best summed up as „rough industrial“ – is embellished with another characteristic: elegance and sophistication. A kitchen like this is no longer recognizable as such as it is completely merged with the homely environment. spatial atmosphere is created with the harmonious interplay of material and color, light and transparency. The glass display cabinets are compelling with their delicately tinted glass and the slim-line, anodized metal frame with intelligently concealed hinges. The interior thus presents itself without any visually disturbing fittings. The glare-free, dynamic light creates atmospherically illuminated niches to house valuable belongings and accessories.

Leicht Tocco Kitchen

Kitchen of “Leicht” brand concrete, the building material of choice for modern architecture, also unfurls its puristic look in kitchens. For this purpose, kitchen fronts are filled with fine concrete in a highly skilled process to achieve the characteristic concrete surface. A pro-tective lacquer coating makes this finish suitable for use in kitchens. The more different the materials, the more interesting and exciting the interaction: concrete fronts, an elegant stainless steel worktop and the natural solid wood of the bar create an attractive trio. The slim-line shelving is color-coordinated with the fronts.