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Adela Executive Armchair

Adela executive armchair is the office chair is not only good-looking with its slim and exclusive design; it also has the features to keep you comfortably seated for an entire work day. The tilt mechanism and adjustable seating height allows you to regulate the armchair to different working positions and the resistant material will keep Adela looking great for many years.

DVO Alfa Chair

Alfa is the result of a deliberate chance meeting, because nothing is born of coincidence. Alfa is a gamble rooted in an exchange of ideas and, above all, of ideals. Alfa is the result of strength in a union and passion determining direction. The birth of Alfa encompasses a little bit of us, a little bit of you, and a little bit of who take a chance on the line and not the item, the group and not on the individual, on the future and not the past. We may all come from different ports but, when the sun sets and dreams are dressed in truth, we board the same ship, because it is the only ship that leads elsewhere. Alfa marks the beginning of a collective journey. Living in a place or within oneself for too long, one loses the ability to observe and no longer sees the value of color and nuance, in this way impairing wonder.

DVO Dilmun Armchair

Instinct is innate, it cannot be learned. By nature instinct is archaic,it precedes, simplifies, summarizes,it is pure meaning. This armchair has an instinctual genesis. The lines from which they derive are simple, and being unfiltered, immediate. Dilmun’s design is a wealth of indelible forms, timeless, that help us savor the mysterious kinetic beauty present in the product.

DVO Enki Armchair

Enki’s look is essential yet fascinating. Communicating with the senses, it creates a highly stimulating tactile and visual experience. Not only does it allow one to look, but it wants to be seen, understood, and properly defined. A few simple lines outlining the concept of originality as a return to origins, to the archetype, to beauty itself.

DVO Marte Chair

Second skin. An object always belongs to a subject and, very often, it is the externalization of one’s desire to communicate, to express their identity in a way that is unique and irrepressible. The subject, in wanting to tattoo his or her skin desires to mark the body with important, distinctive indelible symbols, thus expressing one’s self and one’s essence. Faced with this primal need,why not provocatively tattoo an object? Why not make it as unique as its owner? Creating a further intimate dialogue between one’s self and the object releases a new communication accentuating the harmony of the objects that decorate our environment, identifying them as a projection of our own consciousness. Objects become symbols of the spirituality of things, appreciated for their essence and not just for their use and appearance. A new alchemy for those who demand more than just a piece of furniture.

DVO Morello Executive Desk

DVO brand creates office furniture. Clean lines for elegant compositions – Executive series with essential shapes and sophisticated details. With its traditional design, it fits any working environment thanks to the architectural synthesis of its structural elements. Colour fascination, finishes and strict lines, a style that combines aesthetics and maximum efficiency.

DVO Paro Armchair

The new chair collection designed by Enzo Berti, Paro, is conceived from the start as a design bet based on the essentially of a few constructive elements designed to accomplish maximum simplification from the point of view of production and assembly. The aesthetic result is the consequence. In fact, there are three elements that make up Paro, jointed through just two welding’s: the intertwining of two metal tubular’s, one as structural support and the other that becomes an armrest and support for the third element: the sinuous curved wooden shell. The result is a structure that stands out for its extreme lightness, a clean and slim design for a chair that offers a comfortable and iconic T–shaped back. Paro is designed for public areas, but also for the home and office, and is easily stackable thanks to its light weight and reduced overall dimensions. Available in three different finishes for a cleverly customization final effect: the shell is completely available in wood, padded on the back and the sitting or entirely padded in the front. Padding’s are available in leather and fabric.

DVO Planeta Executive Desk

Elegance of volumes – Cozy and comfortable collection, exalted through to a number of available colours and finishes that make this series alive and timeless. This elegant, minimalism executive range stands out for functionality and for the different depths of the carrying service units. Meeting tables, pedestals and universal storage units complete the collection.

DVO Radar Armchair

Soft but decisive lines and simple, rational forms: a sensory chair. This particular armchair represents a frontier space in which one finds rest for both body and soul. A place that captures new frequencies, beats, and profound emotions. This chair’s beauty lies in its ability to escape banality without falling into unnecessary exercises in style.

DVO Rodi Executive Desk

Balanced geometrics – Desks, with legs and worktops in “painted metal”, are available in 5 different finishes and are adaptable to multiple work environments.